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HR and Payroll Management

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HR and Payroll Management

Dynamic Infotech provides very powerful, user-friendly, and flexible Human Resource Management Software that helps organizations on the process of recruiting, managing, and directing people along with data management, record, and analysis for the smooth workflow. We are always passionate about finding out powerful tools and technologies for our software and developing crucial modules & features that have the power to keep business grow efficiently. Dynamic HRM software facilitates your organization with the structure and the ability to meet business needs by managing the company’s valuable resources i.e. employees. This software eliminates the use of spreadsheets and documents instead you will be able to manage employee’s data in one place. All the information is stored in a centralized database which the HR manager can easily retrieve at any time for various purposes.

Some major features include:


Time Attendance System

With an accurate time tracking, you can prevent payroll errors and provide the accurate payroll process. It helps you to stay compliance with regulations especially in overtime.

  • Electronic Attendance Processing
  • Over Time/under time Calculation
  • Dynamic Shift Management
  • Online Request/Approval

Payroll Management System

Reduces possible errors during the performance of the payroll system and enhances the system’s performance. Eases the process of calculating wages, finding taxes, paying taxes to the government, and keeping financial records such as bonuses, deductions, and net pay.

  • Timely and Accurate Salary & Wage Calculation
  • Bonus, OT and Late/Early Deduction Calculation
  • Salary Sheet

Personal Information System (PIS) HR

This enables the HR department to spend less time on clerical tasks, helps ensure the accuracy of employee data, and enables employees to take a greater role in the management of their information.

  • Employee Profile Management
  • Employee List according to Job Title
  • Ex-employee Report

Staff Appraisal System

Staff Appraisal system ensures that all team and individuals are working on their organizational ambitions and goals as planned. This helps in boosting overall productivity maintaining the level of employee motivation and satisfaction.

  • User Definable Performance Standard
  • User Definable Performance Rating
  • Automatic Job Post
  • View Real Time Application Data