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Hospital ERP

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Hospital Enterprise Resource Planning

Dynamic Hospital ERP (Hospital Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated technological software consist of easy-to-use modules that are designed to improve operational efficiencies, reduce inventory costs, labor costs, and better communication between departments within a hospital. This system helps in increasing speed in delivering health care services, both internally and externally. Patients record is properly recorded which assists to receive, store, and effectively operate all the necessary information concerning doctors, patients, and employees. Appointment scheduling, financial accounting, calendars, medical prescriptions, patient billing system, front desk management, and many more features are integrated into this ERP to support in making the operations efficient and saving huge time improving streamline healthcare processes through automation. This system manages the entire billing system with visibility on the accounting system of hospitals.

So, be ready to make decisions strategically and let the system do operational works and save your time.


Accounts Management

This helps in eliminating manual bookkeeping processes which save lots of critical business time especially in hospital sector along with eliminating human errors in calculation.Some of the major accounting functions include:

  • Receipt and payment
  • Ledger/Ledger group/Multiple ledgers
  • Trial balance
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow and fund flow
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Interest calculation and cheque book
  • Day book & pending voucher

Inventory Management

Easy to track, manage, organize goods, and other production processes across your business’s supply chain resulting in waste minimization and make better investment decisions.

  • Product Group/Product Category
  • Godown
  • Purchase/Sales quotation & order
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice & return
  • Stock Transfer/Stock Journal
  • Purchase Books: purchase analysis
  • Sales Books: Sales analysis
  • Inventory Books: Stock valuation & summary

SMS Management

Connect with your customers on a personal level and enhance customer service with an impressive conversion rate. Alert your customers about product updates and the latest product offering.Our Bulk SMS service provides:

  • Flexible system
  • Improve the level of professionalism
  • High ROI and low cost
  • Scheduling customized SMS
  • 24x7 customer support